My name is Jean Pierre Kolb. My areas of expertise include design and conception, marketing and SEO, Linux, servers and networks, security and data protection as well as consulting, customer care, management and development.

I have been active as a media designer, system administrator and network administrator, IT and security consultant as well as developer for agencies, trade, craft, industry, authorities and associations.

Since 1996 I have been working in these fields, since 1999 also for some time under the name „JPK Commerce“. In addition to a small overview of my skills, you will also find further contact information on my site.

* Since the beginning of 2016 I have been working for „creationell® – die Werbeagentur“. I take on challenging tasks there and look after a large number of clients and projects.


I am constantly expanding my skills and knowledge in new technologies and fields of expertise and adapt them individually to my tasks:


Web design (incl. barrier-free design of web content according to BITV), mobile and responsive design (incl. web apps), new conception and relaunch of internet projects.

UI– & UX design, screen design, image processing, vector graphics, 3D design and creation of wallpapers, icons and logos.

Conception and design of manuals, flyers, advertisements and posters.

Web applications (also for iOS and Google Android), progressive web apps (PWA), JAMstack, Netlify, scripts and application modules in JavaScript and AJAX (e.g. Gatsby, Next.js, Node.js or Vue.js), HTML5, PHP, XML, SQL/NoSQL and individual creation of content management systems and web applications using established frameworks.

Reputation management, social media monitoring, search engine marketing (SEM) incl. optimization for search engines (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA), MPO, success control, microformats/Structured Data, Google Sitemaps, Google Analytics, Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and Google AdWords as well as social networking (e.g. on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook), mail and online promotions, online surveys, customer satisfaction analyses, newsletter marketing, event marketing.

Setup and configuration of Linux, macOS (OS X) and Windows workstations, network/thin clients, terminals and servers, porting work environments to Linux, desktop and server virtualization, training when switching to another operating system, system maintenance and analysis, system optimization and security.

Linux distributions I use include openSUSE, Fedora, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Alpine Linux, Manjaro Linux, elementary OS, KDE neon, Linux Mint and Zorin OS.

Setup of Linux, macOS and Windows servers, maintenance and support of servers and networks, virtualization with XEN, VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox and OpenVZ. Also container virtualization and management with Docker, cloud-init, LXD, Multipass and Kubernetes (K8s).

Evaluation of logs and log file analysis, setup and performance/optimization of server services and security solutions for file servers, web servers (incl. nginx, OpenLiteSpeed and Caddy), content delivery networks (CDN), database servers, backup servers, (web application) firewalls, VPN, SSL, SSH, SFTPGo, Redis, Memcached, proxy servers, Traefik, DNS, CoreDNS, DHCP and mail servers.

Server management via Cockpit, CyberPanel, ISPConfig, KeyHelp, Plesk, Webmin and YaST.

Workgroup management, user/rights management, SaaS, cloud computing, server status monitoring and availability control.

In addition, software-supported version control using Git, based on solutions such as GitLab, Gitea or GitHub.

Personal consulting, planning and conception, resource management, training, seminars, lectures, security consulting and data protection (GDPR), data backup, software/license management as well as team and project management.

GDPR-compliant online and video conferences as well as seminars and meetings via Nextcloud Talk or Jitsi Meet.

Slide shows and GUIs, animations and 3D animations, interactive multimedia presentations and web/mobile applications.

Creation of streaming-capable data for the Internet and Intranet, podcasts, audio/video editing, sound design, media conversion incl. import/export and creation of data, audio, video, multimedia CD–ROMs, BDs and DVDs.